The 'RubiKon' - LP12 Sub-Chassis

Download the spec sheet for the RubiKon here

The RubiKon is a sub-chassis for the Linn Sondek LP12. Born out of an idea over a pint in a pub (Theakstons 'Black Sheep') it is designed from first principals to be the best sub-chassis we could produce within the physical requirements of an LP12. It uses constrained layer damping and separate structures for the arm and bearing mounts. The construction method controls the resonant frequency of the various sections allowing energy to be dissipated into the sub-chassis away from the stylus contact point. The bearing mount is even thicker than that on the Linn ‘Cirkus’ sub-chassis allowing a stronger connection between bearing and sub chassis. The various parts are CNC cut from 6082-T6 grade aluminium which has excellent machining properties. The finished parts are hard satin black anodised, after being 'linished', to provide an immaculate fit and finish. The sub-chassis and armboard sections are glued together individually; the whole structure is then bolted together using stainless steel bolts to provide a rigid connection between sub-chassis and armboard. The RubiKon is available with a standard Linn, NAIM ARO mount and Rega (RB versions); other mounts can be catered for. It will be sold through a selected number of retailers. Armboards are interchangeable by your dealer allowing one to upgrade/change a tonearm without having to buy a complete new sub chassis. Improvements over a standard Linn pressed steel sub-chassis include better detail retrieval, improved bass timbre and definition, larger soundstage and an overall cohesiveness throughout the entire audio spectrum. Music is replayed with the macro and micro dynamics intact. Loud instruments are layered over the top of the tiniest detail without smothering them.

"The TUNE is simply easier to follow"

A RubiKon for Linn fit arms - top view
RubiKon for Linn

A RubiKon for the NAIM ARO - top view
RubiKon for Aro

A RubiKon for the NAIM ARO - bottom view
RubiKon for Aro

A RubiKon for the NAIM ARO - detail
RubiKon for Aro

RubiKon chassis top section being machined
In Process

RubiKon chassis bottom section being machined
In process 2

RubiKon Linn armboard bottom section being machined
In process 3

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Download the spec sheet for the RubiKon here